SS-2402-2 Deluxe Savage Enhanced Extractor/Ejector Kit

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Deluxe Enhanced Extractor/Ejector Kit with Extractor Spring

Note #1: This kit is identical to the SS-2401 Extractor Kit.

Note #2: The Extractor and Ejector in this kit may be slightly different from the Savage factory original. This is by design. Don't expect them to look exactly the same.

Including models 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 110, 111, 112, 114 & 116.
Also the Edge, Axis and Stevens 200

Improved Extractor
Larger Extractor Detent Ball
Ejector Spring
Improved Ejector
Extractor Spring

If your Savage rifle has trouble extracting or ejecting spent cases, our Improved Extractor Kit may provide a solution. Our kit consists of a modified extractor, extractor spring, larger extractor detent ball, and custom ejector and ejector spring.


  • 5

    Posted by John on Mar 16th 2024

    Just installed the kit in my 223 BVSS. Extracts and ejects once fired brass perfectly! Next test at the range.

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    Extractor kit

    Posted by Tracey on Mar 4th 2024

    Great shipping time, fixed the problem with no troubles

  • 5
    Savage bolt repair

    Posted by Keith Tompkins on Jan 23rd 2024

    Easy to assemble, instructions. It's a bit tight at first and may have to jam a few empty cases threw but after that it works flawlessly.

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    SS 2402

    Posted by Bob on Sep 13th 2023

    Great upgrade for my Savage Model 12. 6.5 CM

  • 5
    Excellent kit!

    Posted by Rick Fogle on Jul 22nd 2023

    If you buy a Savage bolt action rifle, the first thing you should do is buy and install this kit!

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    harp Shooter Supply SS-2402 Deluxe Savage Enhanced Extractor/Ejector Kit

    Posted by Sam on Jul 12th 2023

    great kit! positive extraction easy to install a big upgrade from stock and the way to go for older rifle that are getting loose in extracting...

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    Ejectors with authority

    Posted by Todd on Jun 27th 2023

    I have a fair number of savage rifles. I have had issues with 4 of them ejecting spent cases. 1 of those being brand new. Really savage should belly up to the bar and fix this issue. But, since they havent i am thankful for the enhanced ejector pack. All of my savage rifles now eject flawlessly.

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    Don't Hesitate!

    Posted by Dan K on May 28th 2023

    I was having major issues with my Savage 12 in .223 extracting also seemed to be ruining the accuracy. Once this was installed, no more ejection issues and accuracy is back down to sub 1" groups. If you are having these issues, don't hesitate and get this kit! It isn't technically difficult to install but I do have one word of very careful installing the spring and will probably send it flying at least once unless you are very careful. Go online and look at a video so you can get some tips.

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    Enhanced ejector / extractor kit

    Posted by John F. on May 25th 2023

    Savage Elite Precision in 6.5 creedmoor with ejection problem. This kit is awesome, shell casings are now ejected with authority. Best kit for a Savage bolt with ejection problems.