SS-2401-2 Deluxe Savage Enhanced Extractor/Ejector Kit

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Deluxe Enhanced Extractor/Ejector Kit with Extractor Spring

Note #1: This kit is identical to the SS-2402 Extractor Kit.

Note #2: The Extractor and Ejector in this kit may be slightly different from the Savage factory original. This is by design. Don't expect them to look exactly the same.

Including models 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 110, 111, 112, 114 & 116.
Also the Edge, Axis and Stevens 200

Improved Extractor
Larger Extractor Detent Ball
Ejector Spring
Improved Ejector
Extractor Spring

If your Savage rifle has trouble extracting or ejecting spent cases, our Improved Extractor Kit may provide a solution. Our kit consists of a modified extractor, extractor spring, larger extractor detent ball, and custom ejector and ejector spring.


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    Savage Axis 300BO Ejection Problem FIXED

    Posted by Seth Winn on Jun 14th 2024

    The Savage extractor was too loose fitting, and the ejector face was cut at an angle on a Savage Axis 300BO. It would extract a fired case from the chamber, but the empty case would fall off of the extractor when the brass made it past the end of the barrel. Like 10/10 times. Sent the rifle back to Savage on a warranty repair. Sent them pictures and spoke with their repair manager over the phone. Six months later they sent the rifle back. Then it would eject about 3/10 fired cases. Doing some research about an improved ejector and considering modifying the bolt to a double ejector, I found Kinney's website. Ordered a complete bolt with their enhanced parts, and an extra one of these kits. I put their parts in the OEM bolt, and immediately it started ejecting 10/10. Now I have an extra bolt head ready to go when the next customer walks in with the same problem. I tried telling Savage this was probably a design (widespread) problem instead of just an isolated issue with this one rifle. To my knowledge they haven't changed anything about that rifle yet. So if you have an Axis in 300BO with ejection issues, these parts will probably fix it. While you're at it, buy a bolt lift kit here and install it in your Savage bolt. Waaaaay easier to work the bolt after that. They're in all of my Savage centerfire rifles now.

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    SS-2401-2 Ejector Kit

    Posted by Dennis Young on Mar 17th 2024

    Excellent spring kit , brought "better than factory" case ejection back, everything was dimensionally correct, no fitting, filing, etc. GREAT PRODUCT !!!!!!

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    Posted by jerry on Feb 28th 2024

    The ejector and spring are very good. The extractor isn't as good as OEM, and not as pictured. Just my opinion

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    Savage extractor kit

    Posted by Robert Humphries on Feb 19th 2024

    This kit improved the ejection issue with the Savage bolt

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    Savage parts

    Posted by Dennis on Jun 19th 2023

    Worked great in model 12 Savage converted to 6mmbr. Just shortened the bottom side of ejector .020 and it ejects the short case very well.

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    Posted by Walt Proulx on Apr 21st 2023

    100% solved the problem. Savage should be using this as OEM!