SS-8451 Pacific Tool Bolt Head, Complete, RH, Short Action, .390 Bolt Face

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Short Action, 1.0" Shank, 0.44" Head, 0.390" Bolt Face

This Pacific Tool & Gauge Savage Bolt Head is a precision machined, drop-in replacement part for your Savage 10 or 110 Series rifle. Perfect for use in benchrest or F-class competition rifles that fire thousands of round per year, PTG's Savage bolt head is not subject to the quick deterioration or bolt face dishing that Savage factory bolt heads tend to display after a high volume of fire. The result is a drastic reduction in primer flow and case head rounding over time. Made in the USA

This Bolt Head Includes the Improved Extractor/Ejector Kit pre-installed

Right Hand
Short Action
.390" Bolt Face
.095" Firing Pin Hole (For rifles produced after 1999)

Fits the SAVAGE CENTERFIRE rifles that include,
204 Ruger
221 Fireball
222 Remington
223 Remington

This Bolt Head Includes:
New Pacific Tool & Gauge Bolt Head
Improved Extractor
Larger Extractor Detent Ball
Ejector Spring
Improved Ejector
Extractor Spring