DIP DP-13020-SS Savage MKI, MKII and 93R Screw Kit

$ 6.95

Fits Savage MKI, MKII and 93R

2 - 1" long CNC replacement #20 TORX drive pan head action Stainless Steel screws for factory or aftermarket stocks. The extra length allows you to use 100% of the thread engagement for consistent repeatalble torque setting.

*May require the screws to be shortened for proper fit
  • Low Profile Pan Head
  • #20 Star(Torx) Drive for positive drive engagement
  • Heat Treated harding for years of reliable use
  • CNC for consistent quality

Recommended starting torque: 14 inch pounds

Two (2) - 1" long (26mm), #20 TORX drive action screws.

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