DIP DP-11027 .920 Muzzle Control Compensator

$ 36.95

Fits .920 Rimfire Barrels threaded for 1/2" x 28 attachments.

The Compensator operates on the same principle as large caliber compensators.
Special engineered internal baffles help direct the expanding gasses out rather than rely on the expanding gasses themselves to find their way out.
Because you have less recoil you get to see the impact in your scope as well as the rest or hold position is much easier to keep consistent from shot to shot regardless of venue, whether it be on a bench, Varminting, or offhand. This increased ease of consistency adds to better performance and better accuracy results.
 Made from billet aircraft aluminum with class 2A threads concentric to the bore, the DIP Compensator is an effective tool on any 0.920" diameter rimfire barrel with 1/2" - 28 threads for accessories. Hard coat MIL-Spec anodized for years of reliable use.
 The Compensator threads on easily by hand, and we recommend a small amount of blue LocTite for a secure installation that can be easily removed if another barrel accessory is desired. Finally a Compensator that performs on a rimfire barrel!

Some Laser Engraving available upon request (included in price). Certain engraving may require some sanding on the barrel side of the comp so it will line-up correctly. Contact us for details.

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