Warne--- Ruger 1RS 1" Medium Silver Mod #1 Blackhawk Redhawk Mini-14

$ 56.95

Fits the Ruger Model #1, Blackhawk, Redhawk and Mini-14

1" Tube Diameter

Medium Rings



Permanent Mount

Warne's Ruger Fixed rings were designed by Warne Mounts especially for Ruger mounting rails. They are made with the same quality as all of Warne's products and mount directly to the rifle, with no additional mounting hardware or scope rail required.. They utilize T-15 Torx style socket cap screws for secure optics mounting and stainless steel recoil control keys in both the front and rear rings. This key provides a positive recoil surface and fits the slot of the Ruger base. This recoil key also protects against swaging or peening of the base when used on softer or less durable materials. These Ruger Fixed Rings are provided in a durable DuPont powder coat finish in matte black or silver.

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