Butler Creek Blizzard Flip-up Size-09

$ 8.95

Blizzard Flip-up Lens Cover, Size 9
Part Number #BC-70209
Diameter - 2.0" - 2.10"

Butler Creek - Dependable spring-up covers work on both Ocular (eye) or Objective (muzzle) end of your scope. The covers have tabs on both sides of the lid to be easily opened by Right or Left Handed shooters. Blizzard lenses are made from "Optical Grade" polymers that achieve the most complete light transmittance of all see-thru covers.It's very important to allow the complete spectrum of light to pass through your scope. The weatherproof seal and dependable spring system has been tested in a variety of EXTREME weather conditions. Blizzard covers are utilize Clear optical grade lenses, which is recommended for the majority of hunting situations.

Fast, flip-open design – keep your eye on the target
Silent spring hinges won’t spook game
Water-tight, custom-fit friction mounts anchor them to your scope
Air-tight semi-O-ring keeps out dust and moisture
Tested to –40°F
Truly ambidextrous

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