AR-15 Muzzle Brake GT-TANK9-223

$ 79.95

Fits 5.56/.223 with 1/2"x28 threaded barrel

.223 TPI Competition Compact Muzzle Brake for 1/2x28 Pitch With Free Washer

Black oxide finish, solid precision machined construction. The .223 muzzle brake will reduce recoil & climb which will improve shooting and control. The .223 competition muzzle brake redirects propellant gasses and reduces recoil and flash dramatically. Wraps around your threaded barrel and threads on 1/2"x28 pitch. .223 crush washer included.

Product Description
CNC Machined High Quality Steel
Heat Treated
Competition Muzzle Brake
Side Ported And Ported On Top
Solid Machined Construction
Black Oxide Finish
Reduces Back Pressure
1/2"x28 Pitch

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