Ring Height Tool


  • A. Enter the actual outside diameter (in millimeters) of the Objective end of your scope, remembering to include scope covers if you use them.
  • B. Enter the size of your scope tube in millimeters. Use 25.4 for 1 inch scopes, or 30mm, 34mm or 35mm.
  • C. Enter height (in millimeters) of any adapter rail (if you are using one). Use the tool on line "F" below, to convert from inches if you need to.
  • D. Place a straight edge across the receiver and measure the distance from this level down to the barrel. Enter that number here.
  • E. This is the minimum height of the rings that you will need for the scope to clear the barrel.
    • If you are using 20 MOA rails, higher rings may be required.
    • This Tool makes no provisions for Bolt Handle clearance.


Convert Inches to Millimeters with this tool:

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