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Unitary Ring Choices

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Unitary rings are a good choice for someone who knows which scope is going to be used on which rifle. They have some advantages over the traditional ring and mount combination, being made from a single piece of material and without the additional connections required when mounting rings to rail to rifle.

DNZ makes a very large selection of these Unitary Rings, designed especially for a number of different rifle manufactures. These rings are manufactured with the rings and mounting rail all made from a single piece. You will be able to find them under "Unitary Rings" in the Menu on the left.

Warne Mounts makes Unitary Rings, designed for the Picatinny rails like those used on the AR-15's. These rings come in a variety of colors and for all of the common scope tube sizes, including 34mm.

Under the Menu on the left, "Unitary Rings" will guide you to all of these rings.